Heating up the wood fired hot tub: 10000.-Ft / day
Pet-friendly accommodation
Our Autumn and Winter apartments have their own private wood fired hot tubs.
It’s also worth trying under the stars in the quiet of the night. A great place to relax, unwind, chat with friends and family.
Available from October until the end of May.

Heating up the wood fired hot tub:

10000.-Ft / day
Please let us know your heating needs at least 48 hours before your arrival.

Rules for the use of the Jacuzzi


It is not recommended to take a hot tub during pregnancy, if you are under medication, have a fever, diabetes, infectious skin diseases or heart / cardiovascular problems. If you have any other health problems, please consult with your doctor before use! Do not use the hot tub if you have open wounds, eye diseases or burns!

Children may only use the hot tub under parental supervision!

No glass! 
Glass objects, drinking glasses, other containers must not be placed on the edge of the hot tub. If glass is broken, someone can get hurt, and children can cut their hands or feet with the pieces left behind. Only plastic cups are allowed in the hot tub!
No food! Smoking and eating at the hot tub is strictly forbidden during use, and we recommend that you drink in moderation, using plastic cups. For the safety of the users of the hot tub, the use of stabbing or cutting tools such as corkscrews, knives, etc. is strictly prohibited!
Don’t push it! The bath is handled with care, please do not move or push any of the pipes or buttons! In the event of damage caused, you are obliged to pay compensation!
Don’t jump, take a shower! No jumping in the hot tub! Before using the pool, please take shower!
Because we pay special attention to the quality of the water in the hot tub, it is delivered to our guests in a clean, microbiologically clean condition, free of foreign substances and heated to around at 37-38 Celsius.
In the event of non-compiance with the above rules, in the event of a significant deterioration in the quality of the pool water, foreign substances such as food waste, salty snacks, cigarette butts, oily contaminants, etc., guests are obliged to reimburse the cost of the water, disinfectant and cleaning of the pool. The guests must pay the owner for any damage caused by non-compliance with the rules of the pool, but at least 25000 HUF in cash, at the latest on the day of departure.
Please adhere to our wood fired hot tub rules for your own and your fellow guests relaxation, well-being and safety!
Thank you!